Groklaw gets a subpoena?(Groklaw)

My comments on this issue are going to be brief.

And I can quote PJ from her own article linked above. “I certainly have nothing to tell them that is relevant to this litigation. “

And she does not.

She is not employed nor ever was so employed by any of the parties in the litigation. At least not that it is relevant here. (If she ever was.) And frankly, the court could care less what any member of the public may think about the public documents in these cases. The court simply does not care. The court might as well ask Dan Rather what he thinks.

SCO lawyers also know this yet think to their own stupidity that putting public pressure upon Pamela Jones will somehow help out their extortion plans and nuisance suit.

These guys are a bunch of jerkheads. I have other words that better describe people who abuse the legal system and attempt to harm members of the public for no reason other than to engage in their illegal conduct unfettered by public opinion and comment. (Any attack on PJ is an attack on everyone at Groklaw or anyone who has ever expressed an opinion openly.)

It is as simple as that.

PJ through Groklaw is doing nothing that IBM or Novell or Red Hat or AutoZone? or DaimlerChrysler? or Bank of American or anyone else could not legally do themselves if they wanted to. And in fact is nothing more than what SCO has tried to do by their own means. Public records are just that, public. And, in fact, unless IBM or SCO are restrained by the court in some way, they may make public any of those documents they so choose to publicize. And, indeed add additional comment to. In fact, court records are made public for this reason. To inform the public as to the proceedings and indeed make any such actions so disclosed subject to public review, understanding and indeed criticism. Note if you will that SCO is actually being sued in this litigation for making false statements to the public. Telling the truth is not illegal. But, SCO is being sued for false statements while they attack members of the public/press for making comments on public documents.

But, SCO lawyers know that their fake legal claims and false representations qualify for so little merit in the eyes of the public that in their stupid minds they think they can gain a bit by harassing and indeed attacking members of the public, or journalists or however you want to describe Groklaw and Pamela Jones.

Real sleezeball lawyers point themselves out by their own conduct. And in this case the show is most likely only for the press and for their attempt to drive anyone in the public from questioning SCO's illegal and inappropriate conduct.

I start with the knowledge of SCO lawyers that they do not hold written copyright assignments. They can lie about that if they want to. But, they are lawyers. And lawyers know for a fact that a written copyright assignment is required and a lawyer knows when he is not holding one. Yet the jerkheads attack members of the public that point out that basic piece of information. Using public records no less.

These lawyers are so stupid to think that trying to discredit a member of the public is going to somehow ingratiate themselves in the eyes of the court? And they have attempted to discredit and indeed impune the integrity of a member of the public hoping to dissuade others from commenting publicly as well? This court has already commented upon the many public claims made by SCO yet when it comes time to show the paperwork, the table top is bare.

SCO and SCO lawyers have given both the industry and the legal profession a very bad name. For me it is an embarrassment to be a party to either of those groups. And I have to admit to being in both.

SCO lawyers have proven themselves to be the worst representatives of the profession. And SCO itself has proven themselves to be the worst representatives of the software industry.

These jerks must think that their only chance left is to turn the federal courts into a cheap soap opera. And a cheap soap opera does represent their true character.

You know everything that Groklaw has done is subject to public opinion. In fact it is public discussion of public records. And that is precisely what SCO and their jerks (who claim to be lawyers or professionals) hope to prevent by their abuse of the legal system. Suppression of the public mind. It is nothing short of that.

And it is really too bad that PJ has to endure these kinds of pressures simply because she wanted to speak up. Pamela Jones, without hardly trying has disclosed the falsity of SCO's legal claims simply by republishing public records and helping to lead public discussion. And in the process has helped SCO lawyers prove to the world the fools they really are. This latest effort on their part is nothing short of an admission by the lawyers that they are public fools. It speaks volumes about the character and reputation of these people who claim to be lawyers.

This is not the work of educated lawyers. This is not the work of intelligent people. This is the work of fools and idiots. And no professional would want to admit being any part of it.

I am not here to defend PJ or anyone else for that matter. But, I will tell you that the freedom to speak becomes much more precious when you realize the personal expense and experiences you have to sometimes endure in order to practice it. And that is true even when all you do is comment upon public records and offer your personal opinion.

Enough said. Fools and idiots identify themselves to the public by what they say and what they do.